Only “Light” housekeeping tasks. Cleaning the bed room of the client, bathroom of the client, dusting furniture, wiping counter tops, dishwasher, trash disposal, take out trash, washing clothes, folding clothes and putting them away, water the plants on idle hours, sweeping the floor. Under the law on personal attendants, housekeeping duties of caregivers are limited to 20% of the scheduled working time. Caregivers are not housekeepers. Their main responsibility is the care of the client. Light housekeeping are merely incidental to their duties as caregivers. They shouldn’t be suffered to do housekeeping chores when they are done with all the caring routine for the client. Other activities are encouraged during idle time like sorting the mail, reading for the client, doing activities with the client. Heavy housekeeping like washing the windows, getting down on their knees to scrub the carpet or floor is not included. Cleaning the garage or washing the client’s car are not normal tasks of caregivers. Waiting time is also discussed in another topic.